What can I do?

Keep checking back here to see how you can help in the future.

We had a great turn out in Springfield!


We had over 1000 people who made the trip to Springfield to help persuade the Senators to not vote for Amendment 3 in SB540. We believe that all of that support helped stop the vote on SB540! Great job to all of you that made the trip. 

Sign the petition!

Click HERE to sign the online petition against extending the EDA.

What a great turn out for the EDA Information Rally! 

EDA Rally Oct 13, 2011

On October 13th, we had a great EDA Information Rally and 2,500 - 3,000 people turned out. Check out the ABC coverage of the rally. Check out the EDA presentation too.

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Sign the petition to stop amendment 3 in SB 540

Print a sign or flyer

CUSD 300


Include your first and last name, city of residence, and phone number. A representative of the newspaper will call you to confirm your identity and ask any other questions they may have about your submission.

  • Chicago Tribune: ctc-tribletter@tribune.com . Attn: Bruce Dold, Opinion Page Editor. Word limit = 250 words (The more concise your writing is, the better chance you have of being published in the Tribune. Also, the Tribune publishes more and longer letters in its online edition.)
  • Daily Herald: foxletters@dailyherald.com. Attn: Jim Slusher, Editorial Page Editor. Word limit = 300 words.
  • Northwest Herald: letters@nwherald.com. Attn: Dan McCaleb, Editorial Page Editor. Word limit = 200 words.
  • Courier News: courier.viewpoint@stmedianetwork.com. Attn: Sun Times Editorial Board. Word limit = 250 words.