What can I do?

Keep checking back here to see how you can help in the future.

We had a great turn out in Springfield!


We had over 1000 people who made the trip to Springfield to help persuade the Senators to not vote for Amendment 3 in SB540. We believe that all of that support helped stop the vote on SB540! Great job to all of you that made the trip. 

Sign the petition!

Click HERE to sign the online petition against extending the EDA.

What a great turn out for the EDA Information Rally! 

EDA Rally Oct 13, 2011

On October 13th, we had a great EDA Information Rally and 2,500 - 3,000 people turned out. Check out the ABC coverage of the rally. Check out the EDA presentation too.

Facebook Link for Advance 300

Who is Advance 300?

We are a group of volunteers made up of community members who live, work and own businesses here in District 300. We believe in and care about the quality of public education here in District 300 and all across Illinois.


Because our kids' and our community's futures depend on it.

What We Are Doing Now:

  1. We are working to stop the extension of the Sears EDA which, if extended, will cost the District more then $14 million dollars per year in property tax revenue;
  2. We are working on making the State honor its commitment to give D300 $30+ million in CDB money awarded to us in the form of a grant in 2002;
  3. We are working to provide the residents of D300 with venues to obtain information on all candidates running for D300 Board of Education seats in each election including:
    1. Providing a questionnaire to candidates and then posting their answers on our website;
    2. Sponsoring a live question and answer forum so that residents can ask questions of each of the candidates;
  4. Working to inform the community of the work that D300 is doing to provide an excellent education to our kids;
  5. Continuing to represent our community as a watchdog to make sure that our trust and our tax dollars are being used wisely and that D300 continues to work to provide our kids with an excellent education.

What can you do?

Join us by sending us your contact information and we will keep you informed on current activities to support the education of our District 300 children.  Go to our Contact Us link and send us your information.

On each of our website pages in the left column you will find current information on what you can do to help stop the extension of the Sears EDA.