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We had a great turn out in Springfield!


We had over 1000 people who made the trip to Springfield to help persuade the Senators to not vote for Amendment 3 in SB540. We believe that all of that support helped stop the vote on SB540! Great job to all of you that made the trip. 

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Click HERE to sign the online petition against extending the EDA.

What a great turn out for the EDA Information Rally! 

EDA Rally Oct 13, 2011

On October 13th, we had a great EDA Information Rally and 2,500 - 3,000 people turned out. Check out the ABC coverage of the rally. Check out the EDA presentation too.

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The latest update on the EDA extension. It is currently stalled.

Here is an update provided by D300 Superintendent Michael Bregy:

The following is an email that Superintendent Michael Bregy sent to D300 families and staff at 8 p.m. on Tuesday, November 29:

"The Illinois General Assembly has reached an impasse on any and all versions of the Sears/CME legislation.   Leadership from the House of Representatives announced at about 7 p.m. tonight that there was not enough support for the legislation (Senate Bill 397, House Amendments 3 and 4) for it to pass the House.  (A different version of the bill - House Bill 1883, Senate Amendments 7 & 8 - did pass the Senate earlier in the day, but the House voted it down by a large margin.)

So what happens next?  The legislature has adjourned for now.  Legislators and D300 supporters will be returning home tomorrow morning.  We do know that the legislature will return to Springfield when/if a new bill is created that political leaders feel would have enough votes to pass the House and Senate.  But we don't know how soon that will be.  It could be later this week, it could be early next week, or it could take even longer.  We have been told to be on alert that D300 leaders and supporters may need to return to Springfield at any moment, and we are certainly prepared to do so.     

The good news - relatively speaking - is we don't have any reason to believe that the agreement that was finalized yesterday regarding the Sears EDA will change.  It appears that other parts of the bill (CME Group tax changes, Earned Income Tax Credit changes, etc.) are the sticking points that brought the legislature to a standstill tonight.  But of course we will continue to actively monitor the situation to ensure that the Sears EDA portion stays intact over the next few days and weeks. 

Thank you so much for your ongoing support and patience."

 The latest version of the legislation can be found at this link : http://www.ilga.gov/legislation/97/SB/09700SB0397ham003.htm